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Sustainable holistic development through organic agriculture

ORGANIC INDIA has set up a business modality, which provides thousands of farmers, tribal wild crafters, landless workers and their extended families with jobs and ongoing sustainable income. Whole communities and villages of farmers and tribal wild crafters have joined together in the ORGANIC INDIA movement. As these people themselves share with their neighboring communities the benefits of Organic Farming, more and more villages and tribal communities are requesting to join.

Through the ORGANIC INDIA revolution, thousands of acres of land have been converted and thousands more are being converted from chemically abused agriculture to sustainable organic agriculture. The elimination of commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals from the community creates a healthier working and living environment for the farmers, their families and livestock, as well as the local wildlife. Through ORGANIC INDIA, hundreds of thousands of acres of forests have been certified organic and ORGANIC INDIA has been given exclusive rights to maintain, harvest and replenish the vast array of natural crops, herbs and fruits that grow in these national forests.

ORGANIC INDIA 's commitment to total quality begins right at the source, with training farmers and tribal wild crafters in sustainable organic and biodynamic farming and environment friendly procurement methods which:

  • Enrich the quality of the soil.
  • Increase the quality and yield of their crops.
  • Do not pollute the water supply.
  • Protect the biodiversity of the earth.
  • Honor and respect the natural balance of plant and animal life in the fields and forests.
  • Create a sustainable lifestyle for generations to come.

ORGANIC INDIA has been given exclusive rights to maintain and harvest herbs, fruits and spices from certified organic forests throughout the plains and mountains of central and northern India, as an outcome of our excellent reputation for preserving and enriching the environment and our commitment to the well being and dignity of local farmers and tribal wild crafters.

Whole communities of wild crafters have been given the opportunity to learn valuable skills that provide them with a decent income, a sustainable lifestyle and a work that preserves and protects their natural habitats.

Every day ORGANIC INDIA grows as our customers enjoy our products, and more and more farmers, businesses and organizations share our vision.

The success of our vision reflects directly on the marginal farmers, the tribal wild crafters, the landless workers, and their extended families and communities. As we continue to grow and expand, we will be able to offer more and more people opportunities to join and reap the benefits of a healthy and financially stable life of dignity and well being.

ORGANIC INDIA farmers are given high quality organic seed for the crops they grow for us on their own land. The organic seed material is distributed under strict supervision to ensure adherence to our international certification standards.

Tens of thousands of farmers' lives have changed to one of dignity and self-respect and thousands more are joining every season.

We invite you to join in the celebration of ORGANIC INDIA.

ORGANIC INDIA farmers are trained by our team and by associate experts on all aspects of organic and biodynamic practices

ORGANIC INDIA farmers are trained by our team and by associate experts on all aspects of organic and biodynamic practices.

ORGANIC INDIA is very much committed to support the livelihood and well-being of farmers and their family

One of our farmers taking a break in his Tulsi field while his son turns the soil.

ORGANIC INDIA educate and give ongoing training and support to marginal farmers

Dr. B.N. Singh training wild crafters in sustainable methods of procurement of herbs in the forests of Madhya Pradesh.


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